The Spider Catchers

Sex, money, and terrorism:   What do the violent takeover of Fez brothels and a new stream of terrorist funding have to do with the disappearance of Alicia Harmon from the Fez office of Femme Aid Maroc? When CIA analyst Lee Carruthers tries to find out, she is swept into a tangled web of dirty money and human trafficking, and people will kill to find out what Alicia knew. If only Lee knew. She’s working blind, and in this case, ignorance is death. Her search takes her through the slums of the medina to the high-rises of the new city and finally to a terrorist camp in the Algerian desert.

“A strong female protagonist, plenty of physical action and lively dialogue kept me turning the pages to discover what would happen next.” Queen of All She Reads

“A solid introduction to a new thriller series.” Kirkus Reviews


Dead in Dubai

Why is CIA officer George Branson dead in Dubai? It looks like straight detective work, finding out what George has been up to and why he’s dead, but when former CIA analyst Lee Carruthers arrives in Dubai, she walks into a deadly war between two rival Merchants of Death vying for market share. She learns that George has worked for each man under a different name. With his own, that gives George three identities. Which man is dead? Has George really been working for the Agency, or has he sold out and, if so, to whom? Who are the men following her? And why does she keep finding diamonds?

“Fun, fast-paced and captivating. Channels the classic espionage novels of the past while folding in the perils and pitfalls of today’s increasingly dangerous world. The heroine’s voice, simultaneously world weary and yet somehow eternally optimistic, sets the tone for a classic tale. Don’t miss it.” Charles Faddis, author of Beyond Repair: The Decline and Fall of the CIA

“The author’s appealing protagonist makes a welcome second appearance in a story that’s stronger and more riveting than her previous outing.” Kirkus Reviews